Summer Weddings

Some of you might be planning summer weddings. If so, congratulations. However, before you start saying, “We are going spend X number of dollars on the wedding.” You need to […]



I was reading a book, Money: God or Gift, by Jamie Munson. In the book, he talks about five different approaches to budgeting. The Ignorance Is Bliss Plan The Parent […]


Attitude adjustment

To make progress in your financial life you might need an attitude adjustment. When you are facing financial problems, you can become stressed and/or depressed. The first step to get […]


Blast the debt

Unpaid credit card can rapidly become expensive and reach a point of ludicrously expensive. You need to blast the debt!. The majority of interest rates charged on credit cards is tied to […]


Retirement Strategy

Many of you have a retirement strategy that is simply not going to work. Too many of you are counting on Social Security Benefits to see you through your retirement […]